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"We don't want band-aids for our symptoms. We want to get to the root cause. We don't want to be treated as a body part - we want to be understood as a whole person."

  Dr. Mark Hyman, MD

Functional Medicine is the science of finding health.

It is a personalized, systems-oriented model that empowers patients and practitioners to achieve the highest expression of health by working in collaboration to address the underlying causes of disease.

That means you won't just get medications to cover up your symptoms. We'll work together to dig deep into your history and thoroughly examine your current state of health to develop a personalized plan to achieve your optimal state of wellness. 

Conventional medicine is separated by organ systems, with a different specialist in charge of each body system. Functional Medicine doctors are like ultra-generalists, looking at how all of the body systems work together and how external factors in a person's life affect their health. 


Each of us has a unique history that changes over time. If we examine your personal history in detail, we're able to map out the development of disease processes and draw correlation between events, exposures, and symptoms. Even events that occurred before or during your birth can have an effect on your health today.

I use a system called LivingMatrix to assess your health and identify the root cause of your symptoms. This system saves us time on the intake process - leaving more time get a comprehensive view of your history. It also allows us to have a secure, paperless system to review your timeline and matrix together, track progress, and develop a customized action plan.

View our LivingMatrix patient information sheet.