"We don't want band-aids for our symptoms. We want to get to the root cause.

We don't want to be treated as a body part.

We want to be understood as a whole person."

  Dr. Mark Hyman, MD

Functional Medicine is the science of finding health.

Rather than treating symptoms, we seek optimal physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and community wellness.

This personalized model empowers patients to achieve their highest expression of health by working in collaboration with their doctor to address the underlying causes of disease.That means you won't just get medications to cover up your symptoms. We'll work together to dig deep into your history and thoroughly examine your current state of health to develop a personalized plan to achieve YOUR optimal state of wellness.


Conventional medicine is separated by organ systems, with a different specialist in charge of each body system. Functional Medicine doctors have a systems-oriented approach, looking at how all of the body systems work together and how external factors in a person's life affect their health. 

What to Expect

Unlike your typical primary care physician, Dr. Naylor will spend 60-90 minutes during your initial visit, delving into your story to uncover factors which may be limiting your health. She will partner with you to create a personalized plan for nutrition, movement, relaxation, sleep, and emotional and spiritual fulfillment, in addition to recommendations for testing and supplementation. You are unlike any other person, and just the same, your healing journey is unique to you. With Dr. Naylor, you won't be treated like a body part or a set of lab results. Her mission is to make you feel heard and cared for as a whole person - body, mind, spirit, and community!

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