Dr. Naylor uses a system called LivingMatrix to assess your health and identify the root cause of your symptoms.

Since your paperwork is done electronically, you don’t have to print out or handwrite any information, and there’s no risk of your information being lost or thrown away by mistake. 


Once scheduled for your initial functional medicine visit, you will receive an email from the LivingMatrix application. This email will contain a personalized link to your initial paperwork. Please click the link and choose a personal password (at least 8 characters in length). Click “Update Password” and begin entering all patient demographic information and click “Submit.” You’ll then be taken to the dashboard, which lists all of the forms you will need to complete before your appointment. 

To begin entering information, please click the small blue icon to the right labeled “View Form.” You should save your progress as you work through each section. 

Please keep in mind that the forms may take as long as an hour to to complete, and also includes a 3-day diet log. If you do not remember the specific month and date of an occurrence you may enter “01/01/YEAR” as an estimate - the month and exact day are less important, but the year is necessary to populate your timeline.

Once you have completed all of the sections, please click “Submit.” Once you click submit, you will not be able to go back and edit information, as submitting forms locks in your information for your practitioner to review.


We request that you complete all questionnaires at least 48 hours prior to your initial appointment so that Dr. Naylor has time to create your profile and review your history prior to your visit.


If you have any questions about the intake forms and the completion process, please call LivingMatrix at 1-866-846-7888. If you have questions about your appointment or have any medical questions, please contact the office directly.


For more instruction regarding the patient intake questionnaire, watch this short video:  https://vimeo.com/130885162